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Treacy Ziegler
Treacy Ziegler

"I think the best way to describe one’s art is to say that mostly I am in a state of ignorance… sort of like traveling a dark corridor trying to recognize familiar landmarks that have meaning for me. Because I am a visual artist these familiar landmarks take on the characteristics of color, form and light. These landmarks also take on personal associations for me much like a Rorchach. Because of this projective aspect, a painting may have a particular meaning for me, but a very different meaning for the viewer. That is why it may not be important to say what a painting may represent or mean.

After doing many academic-like drawing, I start a painting from a very abstract outline of light and shadow and build a narrative upon this by adding form and color. The narrative has a subliminal context and although I am not always sure where it will lead, these narratives are important. I like narratives that raise more questions than answers…. not moral or political ones, just unanswerable questions.(For those who can remember, what was Billie Joe throwing off the Tallahassee Bridge?)Of course, it is not for me to say whether my work poses more questions than answers; only the individual viewing the work can say that.

I guess if I were to single out the one important thing to me in a painting, it is the element of fleeting light surrounded by darkness and the interplay between the two. After this relationship comes color and then form. From these elements, the narrative naturally evolves."

Treacy Ziegler - Moon Over Stanley Point
Moon Over Stanley Point
37 x 29 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - In a Small Blue Boat
In a Small Blue Boat
29 x 28 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - A Leaving Light
A Leaving Light
31 x 36 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - Born on an Island
Born on an Island
38.5 x 36.5 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - On the Going Side
On the Going Side
16 x 40 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - Italian Street
Italian Street
8.5 x 12 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - Before an Ocean
Before an Ocean
15 x 27 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - An Incoming Sea
An Incoming Sea
18 x 24 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - Point No Point
Point No Point
22 x 12 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - Fortress
16 x 20 in.  
Treacy Ziegler - Beneath an Ocean Like a Sky
Beneath an Ocean Like a Sky
27.5 x 31.5 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - Early Evening Porch
Early Evening Porch
27 x 50 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - Stanley Point II
Stanley Point II
12 x 9.5 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - Road to the Sea
Road to the Sea
22.5 x 16 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - Far End of the Island
Far End of the Island
9 x 18 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - Flowers on a Late Evening Table
Flowers on a Late Evening Table
23 x 12.5 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - The First Sister
The First Sister
27 x 21 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - The Moon is Always Full
The Moon is Always Full
22.25 x 44.5 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - Watermelon in Naples
Watermelon in Naples
12 x 9.5 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - High Window
High Window
12.5 x 10.25 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - From Without
From Without
38.5 x 29 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - Interior 2009
Interior 2009
39 x 28 in.  
Oil on Panel 
Treacy Ziegler - Outside Venice
Outside Venice
9.5 x 7.5 in.  
Oil on Panel 

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Biographical Information
1985-89 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA
1978-80 MA - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2008 Migration, Chase Gallery, Boston, MA
2007 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2007 Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, ON
2006 Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA
2006 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2005 Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
2004 Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, ON
2003 Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA
2003 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2002 Odon Wagner  Gallery, Toronto, ONT
2002 Chase Gallery, Boston, MA
2002 Principle Gallery, Alexandria, VA
2001 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
2000 Chase Gallery, Boston, MA
1999 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1999 Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, ONT
1999 Chase Gallery, Boston, MA
1997 Ibel-Simeonov Gallery, Columbus, OH
1997 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1996 Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, ONT
1995 George Waters Gallery, Elmira College, Elmira, NY
1995 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1994 Ibel-Simeonov Gallery, Columbus, OH
1994 Odon Wagner Gallery, Toronto, ONT
1993 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1992 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1991 Kirkbride Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Selected Group Exhibition

2001 World Bank, Washington, D.C.
2001 West End Gallery, Corning, NY
2000 Saltonstall Recipients, State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca, NY
1999 West End Gallery, Corning, NY
1995 Re-presenting Representation,  Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY, (Invitational)
1995 Entropic Zones: Buildings and Structures of the Contemporary City, Rider University Gallery, Art Miami, Miami, FL
1994 The Union League Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1993 West End Gallery, Corning NY
1993 Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY
1992 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, (winter group exhibit)
1992 F.A.N. Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, (summer group exhibit)
1991 Myriad Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1991 Mitchner Art Museum, Doylestown, PA
1990 City of Camden, Camden, NJ
1990 Perkins Center for Arts, Morsetown, NJ
1989 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA, (juried exhibit)
1986 Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA, (Invitational)

Selected Commissions and Collections

Bayerishe Landesbank, New York, NY
Slipstream Investment Inc, Toronto, ONT
Van Sciver Corporation, Cherry Hill, NJ
Artistic Greetings, Inc, Elmira, NY
Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Philadelphia, PA
South Jersey Arthritis Foundation
Marie McKee, President, Trustee, Corning Glass Museum, Corning, NY
Grisham Riley, President American Museum, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
The College Board, New York, NY
Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY
South Jersey Arthritis Foundation, NJ
Rider College, Lawrence, NJ
Luther Consulting, Corning, NY


New York Partnership Printmaking Fellowship (2008)
New York Partnership Printmaking Fellowship (2001)
Saltonstall Grant (1999)
Henry Scheidt European Travel Grant (1989)
Barnes Foundation Fellowship (1988)
City of Camden Printmaking Award
Daniel Garber Drawing Award
Morris Blackburn Printmaking Award
Pratt Memorial Graphic Award
Philadelphia Drawing Award


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