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Tony Graham

Tony Graham (American, 1933 - 1992), was a graphic artist known for his drawings and prints of New York City.

Mr. Graham owned the Newmark Gallery at 1194 Third Avenue, which specializes in limited-edition prints of contemporary American, European and Japanese artists.

Mr. Graham, a native of Pittsburgh, portrayed the brownstones, storefronts and skyscrapers of his adopted city for many publications, including the Weekend section of The New York Times. Among his better-known creations was a best-selling poster, "Manhattan!!," first produced in 1976, a bird's-eye view of the borough densely packed with hundreds of tiny drawings of buildings, businesses, landmarks and monuments.

Before becoming a professional artist, Mr. Graham had a 20-year career in broadcasting. He started as a disk jockey for a station in West Virginia, where, at the behest of the station's owner, he changed his name from David Lebo to Tony Graham. He subsequently joined KDKA in Pittsburgh, the flagship station of the Westinghouse Broadcasting Corporation, eventually becoming program manager. Later he worked in the same capacity for Westinghouse stations in Los Angeles and Boston. In 1970 he moved to New York as national radio program manager for Westinghouse, a post he held until he left broadcasting in 1973.

Tony Graham - Nighttime in Manhattan
Nighttime in Manhattan
32 x 25 in.  
Tony Graham - Manhattan Poster
Manhattan Poster
32 x 25 in.  

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