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Julie Harvey

Julie Harvey is an artist whose work focuses on the contemporary human figure. She graduated BFA, Magna Cum Laude from Virginia Commonwealth University and received her MFA from Parsons School of Design in New York. She has lived and worked in New York City for the past 24 years in order to experience the liveliness of her subject matter.

Ms. Harvey has exhibited her paintings in New York with the Bernarducci-Meisel Gallery, Kathleen Cullen, and Kenise Barnes, amongst others. The Museum of Modern Art’s research center displayed Ms. Harvey’s work in “Documenting Feminist Past: An Artworld Critique, 1960 to Now.” She has also exhibited throughout the United States as well as Europe, and has been featured in many television documentaries and news programs on WCBS, WPIX, and PBS stations. Ms. Harvey has worked on projects with well-known artists such as Lori Anderson and The Paul Taylor Dance Company. She has created, produced, and directed some of New York’s most memorable multimedia events that have included musicians, dancers, video, lighting designers, and visual artists. In September 2009 she created and choreographed a dance ensemble that took place within the Matisse gallery at the Museum of Modern Art as part of the video series “30 Seconds” by filmmaker Thilo Hoffmann.

Julie Harvey has received awards, grants, and sponsorships from a many organizations, foundations, and private individuals. In 1995 Ms. Harvey received a grant from Mitsubishi Chemical America for her experimental use of Alpolic, a new aluminum based panel that she established as a support for paintings and sculptures. Through this research, she received a US Patent for bonding artist’s materials to these architectural panels. Ms Harvey received a project sponsorship from the New York Foundation for the Arts in 1999 to help fund her monumental 75-foot public artwork, the “Liberty Mural”, located in downtown Manhattan. In 2002 she received a project grant from the ED Foundation to assist in the development of the design for an additional public artwork.

Ms. Harvey has chosen to utilize New York City as her classroom where she has employed, coached and enlightened many. Within this unrestricted facility she has worked alongside numerous artists from a variety of disciplines whose contributions were unrestricted. This active education has allowed for a wide range of learning, broadening the sense of expression, formulation of ideas, and empowering the personal growth of others.

Julie Harvey - Billi Shakes 2
Billi Shakes 2
24 x 18 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Pat
24 x 16 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Marianne
24 x 16 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Craig
24 x 18 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Mandi
24 x 15.75 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Eve
24 x 14.75 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Shelley
50 x 34 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Stephen
50 x 34.5 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Gary
24 x 16.5 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Charity
50 x 33 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Jessica
50 x 33 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 
Julie Harvey - Olivia 2
Olivia 2
24 x 16 in.  
Oil on Aluminum 

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