Steve Dreyer is a New York-based fine art photographer who has worked with traditional film and digital processing for over 30 years.He speaks and writes passionately about composing what he calls “Urbanscapes” – images of and inside cities, landscapes, and “street” photography that tell the story of everyday life.He also creates composites, in which he combines multiple images that reflect his artistic vision of a scene, real or imagined.

Dreyer’s “Urbanscapes” series of photographs, which are shown on this site and in the gallery, have a special, non-photographic painterly feel to them. They are created by composing and taking a photograph and then adding texture using a digital “pen” on a drawing tablet. The printing technique employs archival pigment inks on textured paper to add a special look and feel to the images.

Steve Dreyer explains that photography helps him to express his vision and feelings about the things and places that we see every day. He hopes that his images will have a similar effect on others when they view them.

Steve Dreyer’s work is regularly shown in group and juried exhibits. He has been published in photography magazines, including Photo Technique and The Handmade Photograph and enjoys educating groups and individuals. He is affiliated with several important arts organizations, including the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP).