Gallery 71’S
NEW ARTISTs Showcase

May 23 - June 19, 2019

Reception: Thursday, May 23, 5 pm – 8:00 pm

Please come in to view 12 unique and diverse artists showing for the first time at Gallery 71.

On the cover of our invitation, from left to right:
Philip Stork, Sacha Zabotin, Devon Farber, Robert Valdes, Ricardo Roig, Marion Dodd, Paula Barragan, Josefina Hernandez, Patrick Pietropoli, Stéphanie Billarant, Diana Schmertz


Steve Dreyer / The Bow Bridge, Central Park, NY

Steve Dreyer / The Bow Bridge, Central Park, NY

I ❤️ NY - Summer Show

Summer 2019, Beginning June 27

This show will feature a number of accomplished artists who have depicted NY in many different ways.  The show will include a range of fine art pieces: watercolors, photographs, oil paintings,  and prints.  There will be buildings and scenes that visitors recognize right away, as well as details of NY buildings and NY moments that people will wonder about.