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Daniel Airam
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Ugo Baracco
Thomas Barbey
Richard Baumann
Alexander Befelein
Giovanni Casadei
Judith De Zanger
Jon deMartin
Steve Dreyer
Robert Farber
Marcel Favreau
Kathy Fieramosca
Ruth Franklin
Johnny Friedlaender
Arturo Garcia
Alain Gaudin
Alfred González
Tony Graham
Ellen Granter
Julie Harvey
S. Hetreau
Makie Hino
Joseph Holston
Don Hong-Oai
Laurent Hours
Pierre Jacquelin
Peter Jogo
Parish Kohanim
Armin Landeck
Martin Lewis
Hely Lima
Edwin Lynch
Eduardo Malara
Jean Michel Mathieux- Marie
Frederick Mershimer
Henry Moore
John Morfis
Pablo Picasso
Paul Plante
Dede Reed
Kaoru Saito
Gaylord Schanilec
Lynn Shaler
John Sloan
James Stewart
Marcelo Suaznabar
Carole Teller
Mikio Watanabe
Marion Welch
Albeir Woda
Treacy Ziegler

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Gallery 71, established in 1994, and now celebrating its 25th anniversary, is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, at 71st Street & Lexington Avenue.

The focus of the Gallery, since its opening, has been to promote fine works of art:  paintings, limited-edition prints & photographs and sculptures.  The Gallery always has a selection of its holdings on display, representing the work of a number of artists.  In addition, Gallery 71 has been home to curated solo exhibitions and exhibitions of works around a particular theme.  The most recent shows were James Stewart (Spring 2018) and Lynn Shaler (Fall 2018).  The Shaler exhibit coincided with the release of Lynn Shaler Fine Prints: 1972-2017.  This book spans the artist's 45 years as an etcher and includes the 250 pieces she has created in that time.   The Regular Edition and the boxed Deluxe Edition (and its accompanying signed and numbered Shaler etching) are available for viewing and purchase in the Gallery.

The Gallery displays works of art depicting New York City, with its wonderful buildings, historical landmarks, and wonderful Central Park.  Other cities that have inspired works in the Gallery include Paris and Venice. 

In any trip to the Gallery, you’ll find pieces inspired by a range of other settings, as well: restaurants, libraries, sitting rooms, parks, and open countryside.